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telephoneTo book Bearcat Betty, contact her with the date, time, and location of the event, as well as details about the performance need.


Frequently Asked Questions:


  • What is the difference between Burlesque and Sideshow?

    • Burlesque
      • The history of burlesque is vast and evolving.  You are encouraged to learn more about this great art form and its many nuances. For the average person asking what burlesque is, the quick answer is that is it a variety performance art encompassing the extravagance of classic striptease, often integrating costume removals with caricature and parody.
    • Sideshow
      • The story of this performance genre and its lengthy history is a topic of interesting research for those inclined to take the dive. The quick response is that in America, sideshow was taking place adjacent to circuses, carnivals and other attractions displaying unique spectacles for viewing.  For the purposes of hiring Bearcat Betty, you will be getting a “working act”, demonstrating the master of exciting and dangerous skills. This will include an array of classic sideshow stunts. Stunts performed will be determined by the specifics when hired and are generally based on factors like performance area, weather, audience, time limit, and specific requests. *Any fire based performance is not included in general sideshow hire and quoted separately.
  • How long is a performance?

    • Your need and budget will determine the length of a performance. Depending on the services or time desired, it can range from a few minutes to an hour.
  • How much does it cost?

    • This will depend on your need, budget, location and other specifics including any special circumstances, custom act creation, and what type of entertainment is requested.
  • What kinds of events can burlesque or sideshow take place?

    • Anything! Anywhere people need entertained is a place for entertainment.  Services can be provided for both private events and publically accessible events. Examples include: variety shows, fundraisers, gala dinners, cabaret, club/bar shows, conventions, fairs and festivals, business openings/re-openings, birthday parties, weddings, and other celebrations.
  •   Is this suitable for conservative venues or children?

    • Acts can be altered to service a variety of audiences, as well as any legal restrictions or customer preferences. Be sure to specify when requesting a quote for your event if there are concerns, special requests or accommodations.
  • Is there a special rate for nonprofit or charitable causes?

    • There is limited ability to offer complimentary services, but generally this is taken into consideration when providing a quote.  When possible, booking rates are discounted for organizations that service the community.
  • How far in advance do I need to book?

    • There is no minimum or maximum scheduling length. The farther in advance, the more likelihood your preferred date is available. Popular dates tend to book faster. A deposit will reserve your date. If you are unsure of the time of your event, you can still reserve the future date with a deposit and details will be discussed.
  • What do I need to provide for Bearcat Betty?

    • Thank you for asking!
      • A safe environment
      • The ability to park or unload large props near the performance site/venue
      • A sound system, appropriate for the size of the audience (if music is part of the service hired)
      • A private area to change (for burlesque)
      • A deposit ahead, as outlined in contract
      • Balance due prior to services starting
  • What will Bearcat Betty provide for me/us?

    • Entertainment as hired
    • Music to you/DJ ahead of time in mp3 format (for small private events, aux capable device option)
    • References upon request
    • A contract
    • ‘Leave no trace’ cleanliness upon departure

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