About Bearcat

Bearcat Betty is a Frederick, Maryland based variety performer, specializing in burlesque and sideshow entertainment. “Habitually voluptuous and rarely ferocious”, she brings humor and vigorous smiling to a stage or dressing room near you. Among her bladewalking and tassel twirling talents, she considers herself a chocolate milk connoisseur and has been in a lifelong battle with top shelves. She’s lavishly unique and unapologetically herself. Bearcat is a tacky treasure in a modern world and has a knack for fabricating wondrous creations from remains, breathing new life into rubbish.  In addition to being a performer, she is an artist, a maker, a shaker, not much of a baker, a host, a producer, and an ordained minister.

Bearcat is the 2020 overall second runner up Pennsylvania Burlypicks winner, the 2019 overall Pennsylvania Burlypicks winner, the 2018 overall second runner up DC Burlypicks winner and has worn the titles of All Around Favorite Entertainer, Miss Generosity and Miss Titties from The Lodge, her home venue. Decades of previous award winning experiences include Employee of the Month, Employee of the Quarter, superb attendance, All American Cheerleader, Maryland Distinguished Scholar, and the coveted Putt Putt mini-golf trophy at a birthday party in 1989 where she acciedently signed “love” on the birthday boy’s card and was teased all day.

Bearcat Betty’s repertoire features classic and neo-Burlesque, as well as sideshow stunts. Exceptionally adequate and efficiently capable, this “Dame of Danger” can perform rope, chain and straitjacket escapes, bed of nails, ladder of swords, human blockhead, human cutting board, glass walking, animal traps, plate spinning and fire eating/breathing! She can also make balloon dogs, giraffe-like dogs and dogs with abnormally long tails.

Bearcat has an abundance of creativity and an absence of wealth. She is a costumer, leather crafter, and artist available for vending at your event to satisfy your shoppers with her wares. She is also available to host your event, be your kitten, stage hand, or good company.

Bearcat Betty’s wit and charm permeate the East coast. Over the years, she has graced stages and sticky floors from Georgia to Canada with her talents. She is one of the co-producers of Honeybee Burlesque in Frederick, Maryland. Some people have heard of her and eventually she will get hip with social media. Never one to shy away from an adventure, Bearcat Betty does not limit herself and is open to new collaborations, opportunities, partnerships and ideas.

Bearcat was kindly voted the titles of Miss Generosity & All Around Favorite Entertainer by her peers and fans in ‘The Lodgies” 2017. She’d like to thank the Academy.
Bearcat placed 3rd overall in the 2018 DC Regional Burlypicks among a talented group of entertainers. She accepted the award wearing no pants and puffy-painted tanktop.
Bearcat was voted Miss Titties, an actual award that really happened, by performers and patrons in “The Lodgies” 2018.
 Bearcat Betty placed 1st overall in the 2019 Pennsylvania Regional Burlypicks as Madam Hatter, who wears a size “tea” cup bra.
Bearcat Betty placed 3rd overall in the 2020 Pittsburgh PA Burlypicks, held virtually, with her low tech, low ceiling rendition of Kiss of Fire