Costuming Tips

I’m going to make my own life a little easier and organized by using my website as a place to house some common costume tips, geared mostly towards burlesque performers.  There is a wealth of knowledge and wonderful tutorials on the internet, but I’m going to do some quick tips for things that come up frequently when easing people into the world of burlesque or helping performers begin to create or modify their own costumes. The hope is to help others, while helping myself create a centralized reference pile. I’m also available for costuming workshops, geared towards lower budget and basic skills.

I have an unfinished basement I lovingly call my “downstairs house”, that serves as my costuming and arts space. It ebbs and flows between a state of efficient organization and a haphazard explosion of projects and costume piles deposited on the floor after performances, where they live for a shameful amount of time before being placed back on a shelf. Somewhere amidst the mess of fabric scraps, paint splatters, and crusty glue remains lie my anxieties and inspirations.Costume




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